The Best National Parks in Istanbul

The ancient city of Istanbul has gone through numerous changes but it has always remained a place of interest. Istanbul is the capital of Turkey and the largest city in the country. Being a bridge between Europe and the middle-east, it has been influenced by numerous cultures and civilization. Currently Istanbul has been assessed to have a cosmopolitan populace. When you come to Istanbul, you must visit some amusement parks of this city because here you can find the largest sea aquarium along with some natural parks.

IstanbulIstanbul | Image Resource :


The structure of Istanbul is organized. It is divided into a European and an Asian side by the Bosphorous. The city has numerous small hills enhancing its beauty. The climate is similar to the Mediterranean region. There is a humid ocean climate in the city.

Enjoying nature in Istanbul:

1. Gulhane Park: This is a flora based park. Most appreciated are the beautiful tulips that decorate the place. It is peaceful and serene and visited by many birds.

2. Istanbul Aquarium: Being so near the sea and a strait running through the city, preservation of underwater life is the first step taken. Istanbul aquarium displays a wide variety of fishes unique to the region.

3. Igneada National Park: This is located almost 190km from Istanbul and is the most popular National Park in the region. It takes around 4-5hrs to reach this place. It consists of a diverse ecosystem of marsh, swamps and sand dunes.

4. Historical park of Troy: As the name suggests it is in Troy which is around 320kms from Istanbul. According to texts this city dates back to 3000B.C.

Turkish AirlinesTurkish Airlines | Image Resource :

How to reach: Reaching Istanbul can be done through many airlines. They have their own Turkish Airlines which have numerous airplanes leaving for the entire world. This is a cost effective airline and you can also book their flight tickets from online portals. Now you can also avail some discounts on their reservations and it is suggested to check the cabin class and flight schedules before booking.

There are many who come to view the natural beauty of Istanbul and its well-organized National Parks. So plan your next vacation to Istanbul and book your flight now.


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