Romantic Restaurants In Abu Dhabi: Make Every Moment Memorable!

Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second most populous city of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi serves as a seat for the United Arab Emirates Government and it is home to the Abu Dhabi Emiri family and the President of the UAE who also hail from this family. Abu Dhabi is currently a sprawling metropolis where majority of cultural, political and industrial activities are held here. Apart from that, Abu Dhabi is home to numerous romantic restaurants. Some of them are listed below:

1. Byblos Sur Mer : –

Byblos Sur Mer Restaurant

Byblos Sur Mer Restaurant | Image Resource:

Byblos Sur Mer is an authentic Lebanese restaurant which serves some of the finest Lebanese cuisines to their guests. This award winning restaurant specializes in wide varieties of mezzeh, grills, traditional Lebanese dishes which is prepared by a team of professional chefs.

2. Villa Toscana : –

Villa Toscana serves regional Italian specialties ranging from Tuscany, Umbria and Emilia-Romagna. The ideal time to visit this place is during Saturdays where you can listen to the mellifluous live music while savoring the authentic hand crafted Italian cuisine.

3. Punjab Grill Restaurant : –

Punjab Grill Restaurant

Punjab Grill Restaurant | Image Resource:

Punjab Grill is one of the renowned restaurants across the Indian Sub-Continent. Enjoy their authentic Indian cuisine overlooking the Grand Canal and languidly savor the flavor.

4. Vasco’s : –

Vasco’s is a modern beach side restaurant which serves rich flavors from around the world. This restaurant got its name after the famous explorer Vasco Da Gama and their menu is inspired Vasco Da Gama’s exploration route. Their main menu comprises of mixed tandoori kebab with succulent steaks like king fish, chicken, lamb and shrimps.

5. Brasserie Angelique : –

Brasserie Angelique is an award winning French restaurant in Abu Dhabi which serves an authentic a la carte menu. The menu prepared by their professional chefs truly portrays the subtlety and depth of flavor.

6. Sontaya South East Asian Restaurant : –

Sontaya South East Asian Restaurant is one of the beautiful venues which are located at St. Regis Saadiya Island Resort. It is set in the midst of floating pavilions overlooking the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf. The pavilion and terrace fronting the shimmering pools oozes romance by night.

7. Asia De Cuba : –

Asia De Cuba opened its doors in the year January 2015. This restaurant encompasses a lounge and a beach deck equipped with an outdoor bar and stately cabanas. The innovative menu created by Cuban born Executive Chef Luis Pous features a wide range of shareable ceviche, small plates and salads.

Abu Dhabi’s romantic restaurants have a lot to offer to those who wish to flavor the joys of life.

Air India

Air India | Image Resource:

Fly in style to Abu Dhabi by boarding Air India. It has been in operation since 1932 and has shown a steady progress till date. Air India enables passengers to travel several destinations across the world including Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah in the UAE.

Air India provides personalized services to its passengers such as complementary services from Dubai airport and a wide range of on-board services.

The Air India baggage allowance allows the passengers to carry hand baggage up to a maximum limit of 8 kgs. The maximum baggage allowance limit for Economy and Executive Class should not exceed 30 kgs and 40 kgs respectively.


Delicious trip to Karachi‚Äôs food places on Weekends

Karachi is the Capital of Sindh and is the largest and most populous city in Pakistan. And Karachi ranked 7th in the list of the largest city in the world, and 2nd most populous city in the world. The city is also the leading industrial and financial center of Pakistan. As Karachi is located on the shore of the Arabian Sea, so it provides the major transportation hub. The place is also home for the two largest seaports in Pakistan, the Port Bin Qasim and the Port of Karachi. Karachi is also known as the city of Lights due to its vibrant nightlife.
Best Cultural Restaurants in Karachi
Karachi is the gateway city of Pakistan. Hence the culinary establishment of Karachi now combines a wide range of the world cuisines with authentic Pakistani foods. Some of the names of such famous places are:
Image result for Kolachi karachi

Kolachi | Image Source :

  • Kolachi: A seaside restaurant which allows diners to enjoy the fruits of the Arabian Sea. Kolachi is recently added to the Karachi food scene, which has rapidly made a name for itself. The Kitchen of Kolachi produces a range of Pakistani classics as well as several continental European style dishes and some stunning seafood platters.
  • Okra: the perfect place in Karachi for the Mediterranean fine dining, Okra brings a touch of class and elegance of the restaurant among the scene.
  • Oishi Sushi: Oishi Sushi is the best place to experience a slice of Japanese culture in Pakistan. The restaurant also prepares exceptional yakitori, gyoza and other classic Japanese which are very difficult to find elsewhere in the city.


  • La Mamma: It is the best Italian restaurant in Karachi. For people looking for the Italian style cuisine in the city, it is the perfect place. The grilled steaks are a particular highlight of the menu, while the pollo, gnocchi and Osso Bucco are the signature dishes of this restaurant.
Discovering Museum on your Tour to Karachi
The Pakistani Air Force Museum is a must see place for the tourist, who are interested in aircraft or military history. Pakistani war heroes get recognition throughout many of the exhibits including the M.A. Jinnah top in the list. You will also get to watch a number of old fighter jets and other antique aircraft. Engine parts are all kept for the display so that you could know that how it works. There is also a vacant space within the boundary of the Museum for the young children, making it a destination for all ages.
Nearest Tourist destination at the same place
  • Clifton Beach
  • Masjid e Tooba
  • Mohatta Palace
  • Haleji Lake
  • Frere Hall
  • Bagh lbn e Qasim
Travel and Tourism in Karachi
Karachi also offers a pleasant and comfortable stay with the luxury and affordable hotels. While for the visitors from abroad there are quick flights from major airports. The booking for the flights can be done online very easily. There are flights from Dubai to Karachi for the visitors who are willing to spend their vacation at Karachi. There are many tour operators who provide the best package to make your trip succeed in a systematic and organized manner.
Image result for Air Arabia

flights from Dubai to Karachi | Image Source :